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Implement Lean Thinking in your Organization! Purchase the Book and get the Lean101 online course for FREE. Inserts by Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker (Toyota Way), Norman Bodek (The Harada Method), Mike Hoseus (Toyota Culture) and OEM’s consulting experts.

OEM Lean Principles
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My name is Al Scott. I am the Technology Development Advisor for Alberta Innovates Technology Futures in Northern Alberta. I have more than 50 years experience in Manufacturing Management and Consulting in Canada, USA, Korea, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine and have followed the development of manufacturing support systems from the birth of APICS and MRP to the present time. I have a very large library of books related to my passion which is Kaizen or Continuous Improvement.

So why another book on the basics of Lean. Because George brings his own unique style and personality into his presentation. The book which is based on the material he developed for his internationally recognized OEM Lean 101-Principles online course which is included in the price of the book, along with the best tutorial on the use of the  Lego Airplane Simulation, access to coach/mentors and an introduction to Norman Bodek and the Harada Method.

You only need to get one or two new ideas that relate to your own operations to more than pay for the book and this is a very entertaining way to do it.

Al Scott
Technology Development Advisor
Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures
780 228 3389 cell