About OEM Consultants Inc.

OEM is an international firm of consulting experts with a proven track record in creating and implementing the world’s best practices for companies with global reach.

Our Mission:
To partner up with the best independent consultants in the world, for the purpose of creating the strongest network of global solution providers. Our Consortium is located at http://likerleadership.webexone.com.

Our Values:
We value honesty, integrity, and hard work. We form a bond of respect, trust, and truthfulness with each and every associate and client in our network. We help each other achieve our business and personal goals by using the Harada Method of day-to-day mentoring. By picking our own goals and coaching each other to achieve them, we achieve great things.

Our Story:

OEM Consultants Inc. has celebrated 10 years in business. The company was founded in Winnipeg, Canada in 2002 by George Trachilis. At that time, George was operating as an independent consultant. His expertise in lean manufacturing, MRP implementations, and ability in solving complex business problems created a combination of skills that many companies sought after. By early 2004, George made the decision to grow the business by partnering with other independent consultants.


OEM was on Canada’s Profit Hot 50 list!
In 2006, OEM was honored to be selected not just one of Canada’s hottest growth companies.



OEM was #3 on the Fastest Growing Manitoba Companies list for 2007 and 2008 (in Canada)

In 2007, OEM Consultants had created an e-learning course for the Alberta Government to educate over 300 companies on Lean Manufacturing and Lean Thinking.

In 2010, George Trachilis founded Global OEM Solutions Inc to be the recruiting arm of OEM Consultants. By 2012, OEM had formed relationships with some of the best Lean, and Lean Six Sigma experts in the world. Many of them, such as Ronald Mascitelli, Steven Bonacorsi, Norman Bodek, and Jeff Liker, have decided to share their knowledge in an e-learning format as George did back in 2006.

View all of their courses at www.likerleadershipinstitute.com and join the Liker Leadership Institute Web Office to gain access to each of our industry experts.

George Trachilis was the recipient of the 2012 Worldwide Who’s Who.

“We are pleased to recommend OEM Consultants to any Healthcare Organization determined to improve their administrative process. OEM has shown deep insight into understanding our complex practice.”
Dr. Ernest Cholakis, Cholakis Dental Group