The People Side of Lean

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Thursday, November 8, 2012
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Learn about how Leaders become coaches !
Learn about how everyone can become successful !


Believe in yourself and it’s all possible.


Over 55,000 people have been trained in the World’s Best Technique in Day-to-Day Management.

Norman Bodek is giving you a gift!  Come and learn about the Harada Method

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The Harada Method is Norman’s new

book published this week!

"The Harada method is the missing link between continuous improvement, yourself and your mentees. Its comprehensive system allows oneself to take an honest assessment of their life and strive for excellence as wells as fulfillment of dreams."

Ryan Allen, Total Systems Development


I can see why Harada is considered the best “day to day management”. 

Peter Bodi, President, Accurate Machine & Tool Ltd.


"The Harada Method provides the means for anyone to establish and reach their goals through a systematic approach that everyone can follow. 

This method allows the individual to take responsibility for defining their own plan in achieving self-reliance which will ultimately lead to the accomplishment of higher levels of personal and professional performance."

Trace P. Tandy, Vice President of Manufacturing Milbank Manufacturing

“The Harada Method has helped me build the behaviors and routines I needed to be successful in achieving both my work and life goals. I now reflect on my actions and assess their impact against my goals on a daily basis. This intentional reflection has helped me to improve and has created a level of personal momentum and synergy between my life and my work that I have never experienced.”

Lori E., manager, Performance Improvement Advisor, Talisman Energy