Our choice to adopt lean thinking is driven by two key principles: 

a)     the desire to improve operational efficiency and 

b)    the need to reduce the demand for skilled labour at a time when we are experiencing severe labour shortages.


The PCL family of companies has had a continuous improvement program in place for several years. Our program at PCL Industrial Constructors Inc. has been accelerated lately through a focused effort on lean manufacturing. We have completed a comprehensive review of our entire work process from contract award through to product shipment. Our shop floor employees have worked with OEM Consultants to implement 5S principles resulting in work areas that are cleaner, brighter and more organized. By being part of the improvement process, our workers feel ownership for and support the changes leading ultimately to morale being improved. We believe that anything we can do to improve efficiency is going to pay off on the bottom line.


Skilled craft workers are in very high demand in the pipe fabrication industry. Any improvements we can achieve in leaning our work processes will allow the work to be performed more efficiently. By adopting lean principles we hope to employ our workers to the best of their abilities in a work environment that is more satisfying to work in. Much of this to do with the workers being involved in shaping the work processes and environment.


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