Michael Chan

Michael Chan
USA Representitive

Coach for Lean Leadership - Coupon Codes: WI, 244, 308, 309, 326, 345, 346, 355, 379, 383, 403

Biography & Areas of Expertise

Michael Chan has a BSIE and MSM degrees. He has held multiple Senior Level Management positions for numerous companies.  He has over 18 plus years of Lean Enterprise/Lean Manufacturing experience plus over 20 years of additional Manufacturing/Management experience.  Mike has developed a “Teach, Think and Do” management style and approach that allows him to rapidly change a company’s culture, which in turn allows him to rapidly, effectively and successfully implement Lean Enterprise/Lean Manufacturing LEAN THINKING and Six Sigma DMAIC process execution and practice within any company.  

Other areas of experience include Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Operations, Quality, Supply Chain Management, Total Productive Maintenance, Materials Management, Logistics, Marketing and Finance, IT & Accounting. He has been able to convey the benefits of Lean Six Sigma and motivate employees ranging from the factory floor to the boardroom.  His passion for continuous improvement, intensity to succeed, and ability to mentor and motivate companies allow him to rapidly implement dramatic and sustainable change using the Lean Enterprise/Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma processes.

Because of his ability to quickly assess wastes and improve organizations, Michael typically achieves the following results in less than one year; 90% reduction of lead times, 40% reduction of inventory, 20% to 100+% increases in throughput, 90+% reductions of setup times, and significant improvement in responsiveness and flexibility.  He attributes the significant results and the speed at which they are achieved to developing and implementing a Team of people dedicated to the Lean Six Sigma philosophy that embraces change. 

Ask Michael Chan about:

  • Policy Goal Deployment (Hoshin Kanri)
  • Lean Enterprise/Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma implementation
  • Cultural Change Management and Team Building
  • Continuous Improvement Kaisen action plans
  • 5-S Visual Management techniques
  • SMED – Single Minute Exchange of Die Set-up Reduction
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) implementation
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Standard Work


Contact Michael Chan for training and implementation in:

  • Lean Enterprise/Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma