James Bond

James Bond

Coach for Lean Leadership - Coupon Codes: CANADA, BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NB, NS, PE, NL, YT, NT, NU

Biography & Areas of Expertise

James Bond acquired extensive Lean knowledge during his 20+ years at Toyota initially as part of the start-up team. As a member of this team the challenge was to recruit, teach, mentor and coach team members in the foundational principles and then take that knowledge to create ergo friendly and functional processes. This was accomplished by creating a working environment of Trust and Respect for all and challenging everyone to continuously improve the current state on a daily basis. Sustainable Visual Management systems were developed by working with all levels within the organization. Most of my time was in in Paint and Plastics shops interacting with all other departments i.e. Production Control, Quality Assurance.  James also teaches “Principles of Operations Management” at the college level.

The extensive knowledge manufacturing experience as well as a hands-on approach has given James a definite advantage. James is able to look at the bigger picture within the organization, James is able to understand organizations’ needs in order to prepare and action plan and then assist in the implementation of the changes. “Develop People before a Products or Service” in order that systems and processes are sustained.

Ask James Bond about:

  • Policy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri) with A3s
  • Lean Manufacturing Training and Implementation
  • Culture Change Initiation and Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Visual Management
  • Organizational Development & Accountability
  • Team Building
  • Process Setup & Improvements
  • Human Resource Management including Recruitment
  • Value Stream Management
  • Kaizen (Quality)  Circle leadership training
  • Greenfield start-ups
  • How to Teach-(Certified Master Trainer)

Contact James for training and Implementation in:

  • Implementing Lean practices in Manufacturing
  • Team Building
  • Creating Sustainable Visual Management systems and processes
  • Develop Roles and Responsibilities for Supervisors
  • Teaching others- structured teaching methods
  • Recruiting