Hamza Musaphir, Ph.D.,P.Eng.

Hamza Musaphir, Ph.D.,P.Eng.

Biography & Areas of Expertise
A graduate of the University of Manitoba, Hamza Musphir has an M.Sc. in Industrial/Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering. He has over twenty years of operational and technical leadership experience in a variety of manufacturing and industrial sectors including pharmaceuticals, construction, transportation and aerospace. Hamza has a proven track record for assisting with the turnaround of companies in the manufacturing, retail and healthcare sectors.

Hamza’s management experience includes Operations Management, Facilities Management, and Plant and Maintenance Engineering. He has acted as Lecturer at various international conferences and authored “Implementing Experiences with Just-in-Time Manufacturing”, for the Journal of Production Planning & Control.

Ask Hamza Musaphir about:

  • Operational Troubleshooting
  • Business Startup
  • Process Improvement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Leadership
  • Human Resource Management